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Full Opening Safety Valve (TIW valve)
Full Opening Safety Valve (FOSV)

Ball Type Full Opening Safety Valve (TWI valve) is designed to be stabbed into the top joint of drill pipe or tubing at the rig floor and closed quickly in case a well kicks. After weight material is added to the mud, the Kelly can be reconnected, the safety valve opened, and circulation initiated.

Like the Kelly valve, the Safety Valve is full opening. The ball-type design permits the valve to be compact, easy to handle, and yet have great strength. Standard test pressure is 10,000 pounds, but higher pressure ratings are available.

Premium Connection available: XT54, XT39, HT PAC, VAM TOP etc.
Size available: 2-1/2" upto 5-1/2"
Other: H2S Service
Working Pressure: 5000PSI upto 10,000 PSI